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Union Liability for JATCs

Joint Apprenticeship Training Committees have similar risk exposures as unions. Union liability insurance is coverage for risks that unions and their leaders face in running a union organization. The JATC endorsement to that policy provides additional coverage specifically for training centers, called educators liability. A JATC has two coverage options. First, it may be a standalone policy with a JATC endorsement. Secondly, JATCs may be added onto the affiliated union’s union liability policy as an additional insured.

Who is Covered

The policy covers everyone that the union liability policy covers, plus the employees and students unique to JATCs. Instructors who are independent contractors may be added as additional Insureds on the policy.

What is Covered

Educators Liability

The principle asset to the JATC liability endorsement is educators liability coverage. JATCs have risk exposures when their graduates utilize their job and safety training in the workforce. If someone files a lawsuit against those graduates, that suit may name the entity which provided the initial training and claim that the JATC failed to properly educate its students. Educator’s liability provides coverage such as reimbursement of defense costs, damages, judgments and settlements for that exposure.

Financial Management

JATC boards have fiduciary responsibility to properly manage and protect the financial assets of their organization. If those assets are in some way mishandled, this policy will cover it. It is important to note that although the financial management of the entity is covered, the fiduciary liability of the JATF (joint apprenticeship training fund) trustees are not.

Other Exposures

The JATC endorsement is an extension of union liability insurance, and so your organization would be covered for the same risk exposures. This can include wrongful dismissal and discrimination claims, personal injury claims and other employment practices liabilities. Third party discrimination coverage is also available, which is important protection for JATCs during their selection of students process in case a student files charges.